Ked Password Manager: Installation

Copyright (c) 2003 Andrey Lebedev <andrey at>


To run this software you need:

Additionally, to run the GUI you will need:

Running tests

The KedPM distribution contains unit tests. If you want, you can check the integrity of almost all KedPM components by running run_tests script in its root directory. After successfully passing all tests, you will see something like this:

Ran 33 tests in 1.040s

If some of the tests fail, tell me about it. Send me the output of this script and I'll try to fix the problem, as soon as possible.


To install the KedPM support code into your python tree and the KedPM scripts into /usr/local/bin (substitute that path with whatever is appropriate for your system). You will need to have write permission for the selected location, e.g: being root on Unix:

python install

If you would like to place the KedPM scripts in a directory other than /usr/local/bin, then specify the preferred location with --install-script. For example, to install them in /opt/kedpm/bin:

python install --install-scripts=/opt/kedpm/bin

You can also use the --prefix /path/to/install option to use a completely different base directory, if you do not want to use administrator rights. If you choose to do this, take note of the message at the end of installation and modify the python path accordingly.