Ked Password Manager: NEWS

Ked Password Manager project news, for a more detailed list of changes, see CHANGES file.

KedPM-0.4.0: Everybody must get stoned

2004.02.29 After a long time dealing with other matters, I've finally found some time to work on KedPM.

With this release I've decided to change the project status from alpha to beta. I've used this program quite a lot and it has performed quite well, so I think its ready for public testing.

Apart from bugfixes, this release introduces Parser's pattern editor (without much documentation yet), subcategories of arbitrary depth and various usability improvements. Figaro Password Manager compatibility is also still in place :-)


2003.10.27 KedPm-0.3.0 had a bug that prevented creating new databases, it is fixed in this release.

KedPM-0.3.0: Meet Parser

2003.10.26 Two major features were added in this release. The first is the Parser feature, it will help you incorporate passwords from your e-mails to the database more efficiently. The second feature is the ability to search the password tree recursively, this will allow you to search all of your passwords in one operation.

Other updates include experimental FPM-0.58 format support (with it's longer passwords), basic configuration options, deleting and moving passwords, the ability to display passwords as plain text in GUI and various usability enhancements.

KedPM-0.2.5: How long are your passwords?

2003.09.21 This is a bug-fix release, it fixes a major Figaro Password Manager bug - inability to store long passwords in the database. FPM can't handle passwords longer than 24 characters - KedPM now can, but FPM-0.53 still can not load them correctly.

The GUI can now create a new FPM database, if it doesn't already exist - sorry, to those users who downloaded version 0.2.0, but could not start the GUI.

KedPM-0.2.0: Featuring GUI

2003.09.14 This release adds support for the GTK2 Graphical User Interface. All features of the command line interface are supported, including quick search.

KedPM-0.1.0 released

2003.08.20 In this release KedPM is able to save passwords to the Figaro Password Manager compatible database. The new version also introduces the ability to add and edit your passwords.

There are other improvements that make this software quite usable.

First release (0.0.2)

2003.08.05 The first public release of Ked Password Manager. Do not expect much from this code. This release is basically to make sure that all necessary infrastructure is in place.

If you have a Figaro password database, you may wish to try this software out. Make sure you've backed up your ~/.fpm/fpm, though.